Everything is impossibly complicated

My health care costs are going to go up 33% next year. I blame Obamacare.

I know, that’s what everyone says. But here are my reasons for it. Obamacare has, for some time now, required insurance companies to get rid of lifetime maximums. I like that. It also requires them to cover unemployed children until they’re 26. Sounds pretty good. And just this year, now all women’s preventative care must be covered too. Meh.

But it’s blindingly obvious that all of this costs money. It only takes a half-second of reflection to realize that making a law that forces people to do more expensive things is not going to make those things less expensive. So I’ve expected, for some time now, that Obamacare would make costs go up. But until now I hadn’t seen anything drastic.

Now that it’s happened, it’s very clear to me. Until now, the individual mandate was not in effect. As long as people could refuse to buy insurance if it got too expensive, there was a pressure to keep costs down. After all, if too many people walk away, you lose more money than if you just eat some of your profits.

Now that the individual mandate is in effect, that pressure is gone. There’s nothing left to keep prices from soaring while everyone is forced to buy it. It’s nothing more than a monopoly. And the only good that President Obama has done is make health insurance a sure bet for wealthy people who want to further enrich themselves off the poor.

Good job, Mr. President.


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