Everything is impossibly complicated

Evangelical Monk

I read a blog post about Vaughan Roberts, a prominent English evangelical leader, talking about his homosexual attraction. I found two things about it interesting:

  • Roberts doesn’t agree with the idea that homosexual desires can be changed.
  • Nevertheless, he also doesn’t believe that his desires give him the excuse to indulge them.

In particular, Roberts sees his homosexual desires as a call to celibacy. That’s an interesting twist that I hadn’t thought of before. The New Testament seems to discuss a gift of celibacy, but what it was always seemed kind of vague.

Additionally, the article made me realize what a loss it has been to the church to get rid of all the diverse institutions–like monasteries. These different institutions provided a way for people to serve G-d in accordance with their own inclinations and personal makeup, and receive honour and recognition for their service. Instead, it seems like we try to fit everyone into a single mould, causing all sorts of personal pain and dissatisfaction.


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