Everything is impossibly complicated

The Atlantic has a disturbing story that shows how razor-thin the margins of our liberty have become.

In summary: Robert Fleming is a 70-year-old glider pilot in South Carolina. One afternoon he took off from an airport that is a hub for a lot of light aircraft like the one he was flying. On his way back to the airport he circled over a nuclear plant that was only two miles from the airport–which is not illegal. There are no markers on either the land or the FAA’s flight map indicating a “no-fly” zone.

When he landed, he was arrested by the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security and held for questioning overnight. Reportedly, local officials had even discussed shooting his glider down. A US citizen, flying over US airspace and doing nothing illegal, was in danger of being shot down by his own government.

The really depressing thing about all this is that it doesn’t have to be this way. If more people would vociferously complain to Congress about this sort of behavior by the Executive Branch, I have no doubt that they would act to curtail it. But as long as we silently tolerate it, it will only get worse.



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