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Obama and the Mean-Spirited Free-For-All

I like President Obama. He seems humane and thoughtful. Unfortunately, this has made his policies on many things only that much more disappointing. His aggressive prosecution of whistleblowers and hacktivists, the NSA programs, drone killings, and ramping up of the War on Drugs are all out of line with what I would have expected, and indeed, even things that he said before becoming president.

Nevertheless, the constant, vicious, and malicious attacks on him by conservatives makes me sad. It seems like even otherwise nice people seem to think that they get a pass on being nice when it comes to Obama. And this type of malice seems to be increasingly on both poles of the political world.

This is dangerous. We’ve gotten into the habit of not caring about people when it comes to politics. Everyone is in boxes labeled “My Team” and “The Devil Incarnate”. This mindset is as bad as being racist. Continuing down this road is going to lead to more suffering and oppression for everyone.

It’s time to restore civility to politics.

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