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I’m interested in Orthodox Judaism and Charedi Judaism (Litvish and Chassidish). In Christianity: Orthodox, Reformed, Evangelical, and the Emerging Church. I’m interested in Enlightenment and post-Enlightenment society; in Republicans, Democrats and libertarians. I’m interested in the inter-action and re-action of all these groups, and in trying to find a more consistent and integrated way of understanding the merits and demerits of each.

Currently I’m reading the book Love Wins by Rob Bell. This book has sparked a lot of controversy, and I’d like to offer some comments on a few articles written in response to this book. So I’ll probably try to write some kind of review of the book when I’m done, and then I’d like to eventually respond to a series of articles, the first written by Dr. Al Mohler reviewing Rob Bell’s book, the second written by Brian McLauren in response, and the third by Dr. Al Mohler responding to Brian McLauren. I think this particular series of articles reveals some of the bigger issues going on the most clearly. There’s also an interesting article written by Dr. John MacArthur in response to Bell’s book which I’d like to comment on.

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